Mrs LP is a 68-year-old female living at home alone. She has been admitted to the hospital with cellulitis a week ago and was initiated on IV antibiotics. Today Mrs LP was found to be having increased productive cough and sputum production with shortness of breath. She has been diagnosed with hospital- acquired-pneumonia. Her past medical history includes hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart failure and recurrent cellulitis for the past three months.

a) Discuss the differences between community acquired pneumonia and hospital acquired pneumonia.

(4 marks)

b) Discuss the specific factors that must be taken into account when deciding on an appropriate antibiotic regimen for Mrs LP.

(5 marks)

c) Suggest an appropriate empirical antibiotic regimen for this patient with drug name, dosage regimen and duration of treatment. Explain your rationale on choosing such regimen.

(4 marks)

d) What will you recommend to monitor for Mrs LP to ensure the safety and efficacy of the treatment suggested in (c)?

(2 marks)

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