R.A. is a 14-year-old male adolescent recently diagnosed with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (“ADHD”). R.A.’s medical officer approached you and made an enquiry on the pharmacotherapy of ADHD in adolescent.

a) Describe TWO major categories of ADHD treatment which are suitable choices for R.A. List ONE example of drug agent for each category. (4 marks)

b) List TWO available formulations of the categories of ADHD treatment you provided in Part A. Explain the differences in pharmacokinetics of these formulations and their roles in R.A.’s drug therapy.  (4 marks)

c) Describe the role of non-stimulant medications in ADHD treatment. List at least TWO examples of drug agents. (4 marks)

d) Describe the advantages of using non-stimulant medications in ADHD treatment. (3 marks)

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