a) ASP vs LSP

Define the differences between “authorized seller of poisons” and “listed seller of poisons” under the PPO

Definition of ASP: authorized seller of poisons (獲授權毒藥銷售商) means a registered pharmacist, body corporate or unincorporated body of persons that is authorized to carry on a business of retail sale of poisons (section 11)

Definition of LSP: listed seller of poisons (列載毒藥銷售商) means a person whose name is entered on the list (section 25) of persons entitled to conduct the retail sale of poisons included in Part 2 of the Poisons List

Differences between ASP and LSP

Drug classes: ASPs can retail all classifications of poisons provided the conditions stipulated by the legislation are satisfied. LSPs can only retail P2 drugs.

Premises: Each set of premises must be registered with the PPB and under the personal control of a registered pharmacist. There is no premises registration requirement for LSPs

Sales supervision: The sale of P1 poisons must be under the supervision of a pharmacist employed by the ASP. There are no sales supervision requirement for P2 poisons.

Register of ASP:

  • Name of ASP
  • Address of Premises
  • Name of pharmacist who has personal control of the premises.
  • Annual fee

List of LSP

  • List of names of people who have applied to sell P2 poisons from their premises.
  • Annual fee

Pharmacy logo: ASPs are allowed to use the official pharmacy logo, LSPs are not.

Relevant sections from the PPO:

Section 2: Interpretation for definition of ASP and LSP

Section 11: Authorized sellers of poisons (ASP)

Section 12: Premises required to be under the control of a registered pharmacist

Section 13: Registration of premises

Section 14: Annual return

Section 25: Listed Seller of Poisons

Pharmacy logo from PPR Schedule 8

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