Question 1A - Drug Classification

What are the legal classifications of the following drugs? (1 mark each)

Use the following abbreviations:

  • Pharmacy and Poisons Regulations:
    • P1: Part 1 of Schedule 10
    • P2: Part 2 of Schedule 10
    • S1: Schedule 1
    • S3: Schedule
  • Dangerous Drugs Ordinance
    • P1DD: Part 1 dangerous drug
    • P2DD: Part 2 or 3 dangerous drug
  • Antibiotics Regulations
    • A: Schedule 1
  • None of the above
    • NP: Non-poison

If you are unfamiliar with the above terminology please do my tutorial on drug classification.

a) A tablet containing zopiclone 7.5 mg

b) Pantoprazole 20 mg tablet labeled for the relief of heartburn symptoms associated with acid reflux in patients of 18 years old or above, with a maximum daily dose of 20 mg, and in packs with max supply of 7 days.

c) A capsule containing paracetamol 150 mg, salicylamide 150 mg, chlorpheniramine maleate 2 mg, phenylephrine 5 mg, caffeine 30 mg, and phenylpropanolamine 25 mg.

d) An eye drop containing naphazoline hydrochloride 0.012%

e) A tablet containing metformin hydrochloride 500 mg and sitagliptin (phosphate) 50 mg

f) An oral solution containing codeine phosphate 9 mg, ephedrine hydrochloride 4 mg and promethazine 2 mg per 5 ml

g) A cream containing lignocaine 2.5 % and prilocaine 2.5%

h) A pre-filled pen for injection containing insulin glulisine 100 IU/ml

i) A tablet containing metronidazole 400 mg

j) A dispersible tablet containing cefpodoxime (as proxetil) 100 mg

Note the structure of cefpodoxime is:

k) A cream containing sulfadiazine 1% w/w

Note the structure of sulfadiazine is:

l) An ophthalmic emulsion containing cyclosporine A 0.05%