PPO: Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance Cap 138

PPR: Pharmacy and Poisons Regulations Cap 138A

DDO: Dangerous Drugs Ordinance Cap 134

DDR: Dangerous Drugs Regulations Cap 134A

AO: Antibiotics Ordinance Cap 137

AR: Antibiotics Regulations Cap 137A

s.: section

r.: regulation

reg.: regulation

DD: Dangerous drug

ASP: Authorised Seller of Poisons

LSP: Listed Seller of Poisons

For abbreviations of drug classes refer to Question 1.

When I put down any reference to a professional, such as a pharmacist, or a doctor, I mean a pharmacist or doctor lawfully registered in Hong Kong.

In the case of an institution such as a hospital, I mean an institution legally recognised in Hong Kong.

And so on.

Please refer to the legislation if in doubt.

It is not necessary to be so pedantic with the legal wording when writing out the answers in the exam, particularly if pressed for time.

It is fine to use abbreviations when you write out exam questions, but you should write them out in full at least once at the beginning of your answer, and then indicate the abbreviation afterwards in parenthesis eg. Dangerous drug (DD).

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