b) An eye drop containing 1% tetracaine

Tetracaine 1% eye drop

Tetracaine is a local anaesthetic. In the PPR it can be found under:

‘Amino-alcohols esterified with benzoic acid, phenylacetic acid, phenylpropionic acid, cinnamic acid or the derivatives of these acids; their salts (except procaine when in a preparation containing any substance to which the Antibiotics Ordinance (Cap. 137) for the time being applies)’ (see Drug Office guide)

Under Schedules 1 and 3 as:

  • Lignocaine; its salts in mixture with tetracaine or in mixture with the salts of tetracaine


  • Tetracaine (being an amino alcohol esterified with a derivative of benzoic acid); its salts in mixture with lignocaine or in mixture with the salts of lignocaine

‘Amino-alcohols etc.’ is located, under P1.

In other words, tetracaine is only P1S1S3 if combined with lignocaine (Pliaglis cream).

The answer is P1

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