Success is 20% skill and 80% psychology

Your mind is a tool which YOU command, YOU are the boss, YOU tell it what to do. If you tell your mind to pass the exam it will do as you command, you are the captain of your soul and the master of your destiny.

Your thoughts are irrational and conflicting, this is a fact. It is up to you to give them direction. Your mind will believe what you tell it, if you tell yourself you are stupid, it will believe you, if you tell it you are clever, it will believe you. It doesn't matter if you 'lie' to it, it is a computer which YOU programme and command. There can be no doubt that you can pass these exams, you must tell yourself that.

The following are ways to programme your brain and think yourself to a winning exam passing mindset:

Positive affirmations


Vision board

These techniques can also be used for other goals in your life as well.

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